Unable to set rack params

I’m trying to add a WhiteList rack param, however I’m getting this error:
Updating parameters... ERROR: direct rack doesn't support update, make sure you are not using RACK_URL environment variable

I’ve tested this on several different rack params and I’m getting the same error for all of them. Can someone please advise on what is going wrong here?

For context, my cli command is: convox rack params set WhiteList=


Hey Luke,

It seems like you’re trying to directly call the rack API. Can you please run convox switch rackName and attempt to run the command again.

If that doesn’t work can you please attempt to login to the CLI in a new terminal and test again.

Also just to make sure you’re using the correct command it should be
convox rack params set whitelist=ip/cidr#,ip/cidr#
convox rack params set whitelist=,

Convox Engineer