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Rack params

Should the rack parameters on the EKS rack be unsettable? I am trying to set values for InstanceType and BuildInstance but am unable to do so. I’d like to set other params as well.

Within the Console UI the values just don’t seem to save when updated in there. I can see the activity within Console when I use the CLI but the values seem to disappear after that.

This is causing one of our applications to fail promotion very frequently and is, at the moment, a fairly solid blocker.

Hey @irbrad
With EKS still in Beta, there will be things still not all in place yet. Are you able to set values from the CLI?
If you have a Convox plan with support, we’d welcome a ticket to track this :blush:


Hey Ed,

No, the CLI does the same thing.

$ convox rack params set InstanceType=t3.medium BuildInstance=t3.medium
Updating parameters... OK
$ convox rack params

We’re still in talks with Cameron regarding the support plan.


Not being able to set params makes the EKS rack unusable, since it defaults to a tiny instance size.

Hey @joshua,
The parameters are editable and open for change through CloudFormation in the AWS web console. Look out for future improvements on the EKS beta as we continue to develop it.