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It's impossible to switch rack?

I’m having multiple rack.
My .convox/auth is like this:

{”: “xxx”,”: “xxx”

I tried:

convox rack params --rack=incorrect-name
convox rack params --rack=production3
CONVOX_RACK=production3 convox rack params

All print the settings of production2 which I installed first.


And how is convox switch is supposed to work? It is not doing anything except printing current rack name?

Looks at what I have:
convox switch production3
ERROR: could not find rack: production3

Okay, after pinging support, here is what I got:
convox switch is supposed to be used if you use

If you are not using
CONVOX_HOST=xxx convox rack params will show you the params of the rack
convox login HOST will default convox to work on the rack at HOST