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Errors running the cli on gen2 rack

Starting yesterday the cli stopped working for our gen2 rack. We can’t tell exactly what is broken. We restarted the API server in our racks. This is affecting 3 different racks we have setup.

convox ps
ERROR: InvalidParameterException: Invalid identifier: Identifier is for cluster aiera-base-prod-Cluster-15OL2DOAI17GW. Your cluster is aiera-base-prod-BuildCluster-1FAKV3FQR7CC5
status code: 400, request id: 2a496f9a-126b-4f23-8c11-a1d54e20a282

convox-dev deploy
Packaging source… OK
Uploading source… OK
Starting build… ERROR: response status 502

Hi, @jason :wave: Jay here from the Convox team. This is an issue affecting several customers and we are working on it right now. I expect we will have a test rack release out shortly that we will ask affected customers to test. We appreciate your patience!:slightly_smiling_face:

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We are actually on a pretty old rack. 20191113121154. You are saying the fix will require a rack update? We have left our production systems alone, with regards to messing with the rack, for a long time.

Hi Jason. Yes it will require a rack update as AWS made some changes to api call validation.

We have a test release ready with a fix. If you have a dev environment you would like to test it on let me know.

Yeah, that would be great. You have my email for sending the details?

We just released the fix after some testing.

convox rack update -r rackname 20211012210133


Hello @Brian-G,

The release 20211012210133 fixes the issue :

Thank you very much !

However during a build on the build cluster the
convox ps or another command interacting with processes retunes the InvalidParameterException

I don’t master go language, but reading the correction code, it seems that there is a choice of which cluster to use.

Is there a way to fix that ?

Best Regards

I also am able to do most stuff after applying that update, but builds still fail on some racks but not others. Out of 5 racks (1 test, 4 production for different geographical regions), 3 out of 5 can deploy just fine. The other 2 are still failing with 502s

I see [RELEASE] 20211015 by beastawakens · Pull Request #3476 · convox/rack · GitHub with some refactoring to the validation error, so they might have a fix incoming.

We are also on an older v2 rack version “20201028155507” and are experiencing the 502 error when starting a build. Any gotchas we should be aware of upgrading to the latest version.