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Gen2 ERROR: InvalidParameterException

Hello all,

Anyone having the same issue reported here?

Got the same issue in region Frankfurt, but not in region Paris.

Eravelo, AWS made some changes to api call validation so we need to do some updates to the racks.

We have a test release ready with a fix. If you have a dev environment you would like to test it on let me know.

We just did a release with a fix for this.

convox rack update -r rackname 20211012210133

Thank you @Brian-G
Deploying this release seem to have fixed the issue.

Is this release ready for production?

@eravelo We have some customers using it in production now and I just updated our production rack also.

We still get the error sporadically, I can do convox ps and it sometimes works, sometimes fails. Odd…


If it can help, I notice that with the new version 20211012210133 convox ps works well except during the build of the image.

Updated our dev env to 20211109164223 now and 'convox ps" works but ‘convox rack ps’ still returns error: InvalidParameterException: Invalid identifier

We also get the same issues with convox ps during builds:

$ convox ps --rack /qwe
ERROR: InvalidParameterException: Invalid identifier: Identifier is for cluster qwe-BuildCluster-asdasdasd. Your cluster is qwe-Cluster-asdasdasd
	status code: 400, request id: asdasd-asd-asd-asd-asdasd
$ convox version --rack /sto
client: 20211019100155
server: 20211012210133 (