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ECS Fargate

has someone saw this error before ?

ERROR: InvalidParameterException: No Container Instances were found in your cluster.

What are you trying to do which causes this error?

Hi Ed.

I just want to deploy using Fargate.

Have you set the app parameters up and checked the troubleshooting: ?

Hi, I think I did correctly.

Do you have extra info of how to do it just in case ?


Hey @wilkins.ortiz05, the information within the docs is everything you need to know to get it going. I would double check you have everything set up correctly.
Do you have a normal (non-Fargate rack) installed ok?

I have a normal rack installed, the one that was created when I setup convox the first time.

I did not if we need to create a different rack for Fargate.

The error said that not Instances were found in the cluster.