Cannot remove failed rack

I was experimenting with a specific rack setup which would be deployed into one of our existing AWS VPCs, and most likely made a mistake somewhere.

When the rack was launched, it never managed to even attempt to launch and is instead stuck in a “spinning” state. I have no logs (using the console) since there is no rack yet and according to AWS there hasn’t even been an attempt at launching a CloudFormation stack.

I also cannot delete the rack since it seems I can only do this once it is complete. The rack has been in this state for over a day now. This does not seem to be using any AWS resources, but I believe that if it hasn’t timed out yet, it never will.

Has anyone been in a similar situation?

Andreas Nilsson

It did take a good few hours for my rack to be built, but not a day. Also, I was using us-east-1 which is generally the slower, more saturated zone.

The rack has now been spinning for a couple of days, so at this time it’s most likely a bug somewhere. At least this only seems to be on the Convox side of things, I see no AWS resources being commissioned.

Gonna have to make it a support issue.

Thanks for the reply!