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Cant delete account or broken rack

After a failed rack install I’ve manually removed everything from AWS. My console is now stuck with a rack that can’t be deleted and it fails when trying to delete using the CLI.

I need to close our convox console account but it won’t allow it due to the rack being there - which can’t deleted.

I have submitted a number of support tickets over the last few weeks and have not had a reply.

Hi @rynmsh, can you provide the support ticket numbers please? I’m not aware of any that haven’t had a reply.
What are you seeing in your Console when you go to delete the Rack? Or from the CLI, what error do you get back?


Hi @ed_convox,

The support ticket from the console is #2298.

In console the delete button is blocked with error “The rack is not associated with a runtime”.

When trying to delete using the CLI it says ‘not supported’ .

My goal now is just to delete our console account as its not no longer needed.

Aah, found that, sorry you didn’t get a reply to your last comment yet. We should have a fix coming out shortly for removing these pesky Racks which have become disassociated with a Runtime when deleting. I’ll let you know when it’s out!