AWS Lambda end of support for the Go 1.x runtime

AWS ending support for go runtime in lambda, currently we have rack which is using it, any plans to bump version/rewrite it in next rack releases ?

Original AWS message:

“We are ending support for the Go 1.x runtime in AWS Lambda, in line with Amazon Linux AMI end of maintenance support on December 31, 2023 [1]. Lambda continues to support the Go programming language, using the provided.al2 runtime. Using the provided.al2 runtime offers several benefits over the go1.x runtime, including support for AWS Graviton2 processors and a streamlined implementation with a smaller deployment package and faster function invoke path. For more information, see our blog post [2].”

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Hello @mvpl

We have this on our sprint board now and will be addressing it with a future rack update before the depreciation.


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Are you willing to share which sprint you are planning on working on it for? I also have a ticket for this planned in a future sprint and just want to leave myself a note to check on whether it’s ready or not after it is planned on being done. Obviously I get it could get pushed back from the initial plan, I just want to not forget to check back on this.

Hey @scott

We haven’t set a specific date for this implementation yet, but I would imagine it is in the next update or two as there will only possibly be 5-6 more release cycles until the end of year.



Rack version 20231121152130 has just been released which updates the Lambda functions using this runtime.