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[20190327110531] Lambda Node.js Update, Local Rack Updates

This release bumps up the Lambda Node.js runtime version to work around the imminent deprecation of Nodejs 6.10

You will need to redeploy your affected applications after updating to this release.

You should also update any webhook resources you find in convox rack resources by running convox rack resources update <name>

This release also fixes a race condition leading to a crash when installing the local Rack on a fresh machine.

  • #3194 use context.Context to close proxy when done [@ddollar]
  • #3195 fix local rack install crash on clean system [@ddollar]
  • #3196 Bumps the node runtime used for creating crontabs in g1 [@ebenoist]
  • #3190 provide rack ca certificate as a file [@ddollar]
  • #3191 upgrade lambda handlers to use nodejs 8.10 [@ddollar]
  • #3193 use the currently-promoted release to pull the current manifest [@ddollar]