[20170330004259] Native AWS logging and Lambda nodejs migration

Native AWS logging

With a simple app parameter, Rack now supports native AWS logging.

convox apps params set NativeLogging=Yes

This isn’t enabled by default as the awslogs driver does not add any additional information about containers starting or stopping, like convox/agent does. But it’s an option for users who have high log volume throughout their infrastructure.

  • #1991 NativeLogging app parameter to turn on awslogs driver and turn off convox/agent logging [@nzoschke]

Lambda Node.js 4.3

With AWS deprecating the Node.js 0.10 runtime for Lambda by April 2017, all rack and app lambda functions now run on Node.js 4.3 in all regions. Keep in mind that once this update is applied, rolling back to a previous rack release that uses 0.10 is not possible.

General Improvements