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[20191021163708] Node.js Upgrade, Local Rack Disable, Bug Fixes


  • Users can now set an environment variable CONVOX_LOCAL=disable to prevent the CLI from searching for a local Rack. This may decrease latency in cases where kubectl is installed but is not pointing at a valid Kubernetes cluster.

  • Upgrades internal Node.js lambda functions to nodejs10.x in response to a recent AWS deprecation notice.

Pull Requests

This update seems to have broken our deployment:

2019-10-23T04:32:19Z system/cloudformation aws/cfm integration-digivizer-app UPDATE_FAILED TimerLauncher ZipFile can only be used when Runtime is set to either of nodejs, nodejs4.3, nodejs6.10, nodejs8.10, python2.7, python3.6, python3.7.

We reverted this change here: [20191023140354] Temporary Node.js Reversion as AWS have not yet rolled out proper support for node10.x outside of us-east-1 :roll_eyes: