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What happened to gen 2 CLI downloads?

I can’t find anywhere to get the most recent gen2 download . The CLI from Mac homebrew and the convox doc points to 3.0.15 currently and I need 20200428134512

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In case anyone else is looking:

I’d be nice if gen2 didn’t completely evaporate from the official convox documentation for a while, especially since gen3 doesn’t seem to be a just drop in replacement.

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@jay.janssen looking for this?

Sure, but was there something I missed that indicated that existed?

When you go to at the bottom of the page there’s a link to v2 docs…

Is there a guide about upgrading from v2 to v3?



Has anyone performed a zero-downtime migration from gen 2 to gen 3?

The export feature is very cool, but I can’t really do that for my Postgres database and S3 buckets because they’re getting very large, and I also want to avoid any downtime. I would prefer to continue using these existing resources in my AWS account, and just configure the gen 3 app to use them through standard environment variables (e.g. DATABASE_URL).

My plan:

  • Set up a new gen 3 rack and get my app running
    • Both apps would be pointing to the same RDS and Elasticache resources
  • Then once the gen 3 rack is running and tested, change my main DNS records to point to the gen 3 rack
  • Wait for ~24 hours or so
  • Shut down the old gen 2 rack once all traffic is going to gen 3

I’m just worried that I might run into problems when I go to delete the old gen 2 rack, since it’s attached to the RDS and S3 resources. These have deletion protection enabled, but is there any way I can safely “detach” these resources from my rack? I just want to leave them in the AWS account and continue using them.

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I’m in a similar boat - the databases in my apps are quite large.

One of my considerations is that we have app-level resources. I’m not sure how to safely move them out of the stack and into V3.

As a result it may be simpler to create a fresh database in the V3 app and sync over the data.

I am considering using something to sync databases across apps.

I will be tackling this next year so any input to how you approached the upgrade will be appreciated!