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Not able to list or proxy resources anymore via CLI

After recent updates to the CLI and the Racks, we are not able to list resources, doing a convox resources will return an empty list but we can see them via web.

Appreciate any help, Thanks!

I have the same problem.

We had a database we created as a resource as part of our Gen 1 application.
When we migrated to Gen 2, the original resource stayed. We could connect to it using the CLI’s proxy feature.
Today, after updating our CLI - we got the error:
ERROR: command unavailable, please upgrade this rack
So we updated the rack, and now the database resource has disappeared.
We cannot connect to it anymore.

Using the dynamic gen2 resources is NOT a good fit for us. Our database is not ephemeral in nature.

Did you find any sort of solution?

I managed to find a solution.
This release note details the change:

Bottom line: use convox rack resources instead of convox resources.

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Awesome!!, that worked. Wondering what are the app level resources…

Thank you!