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Migration from V2

Currently running several V2 racks and thinking about migrating to V3. Two questions:

  • Beyond the Upgrading doc, are there any plans to provide additional documentation or tools to support V2 customers who would like to upgrade?
  • Do you have any plans to deprecate the V2 racks? Would you recommend upgrading to V3 now? Is there any deadline when V2 will become unsupported or stop functioning that we should be aware of as we plan this work?

I agree! In particular, I would like to learn more about how I can safely migrate my existing RDS, ElastiCache, and S3 buckets into a new V3 EKS rack. Before I delete the old v2 racks, is there any way I can ask Convox to “forget” about these resources so that it doesn’t try to delete them? I’ve enabled deletion protection, but I’m assuming that this will just cause an error and prevent the rack from being deleted.

I think this is the main blocker for me at the moment. I don’t want to create a new database and S3 bucket and then have to transfer all my data, I would prefer to keep using all of the existing resources. But I also use a private VPC, so I’m not sure if the new rack will have permission to access the RDS database.

Migrating the resources is probably the part which gives me the most consternation - I easily have ~100Gb in RDS which makes for a time consuming migration process which will likely include some downtime. Would love an easier way to move them to the new rack.

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Any new info in this regard? Any conclusions reached, as far as resource deletion goes?

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