Unable to deploy to Convox: "Starting build... ERROR: could not start build: AGENT"


I ran into an error when deploying my app to Convox earlier. I cannot find any mention of this error anywhere so I am asking here for help.

I am building my app in Travis and running convox deploy to deploy. I have made no changes to my rack or to anything related to deployment (I have not touched convox.yml or any related scripts).

The error I get looks like:
Starting build… ERROR: could not start build

Restarting my Travis build seems to have resolved this issue so it seems to be transient, but it is still unclear what caused it in the first place - any ideas?

EDIT: Restarting Travis did not help. The CLI gives me OK (Starting Build… OK and Promoting … OK), but in the console I don’t see my build and there is no new release…


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I am having the same issue show up all of a sudden, running from circleci