Error when changing the MaxAvailabilityZones on a rack

When I try to increase the MaxAvailabilityZones
convox rack params set MaxAvailabilityZones=3 --wait

I end up with an error I can’t understand

2019-02-13T09:22:59Z system/aws/cfm paas CREATE_FAILED VolumeTarget2 The IAM identity making this call has an IAM policy that is too large. Reduce the size of the policy and try again. (Service: AmazonElasticFileSystem; Status Code: 400; Error Code: BadRequest; Request ID: f3eaba64-2f70-11e9-9a5e-8159ae28df8c)

Is there a way to change this setting, or do we have to re-create the rack?

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I also ran into this same issue when adjusting a rack that had MaxAvailabilityZones=2. So far I haven’t found a resolution, but will update if I do.

I ended up solving this by applying the update directly in the AWS CloudFormation web dashboard (Update stack -> Use current template -> modify MaxAvailabilityZones along with AvailabilityZones, as needed). Convox successfully picks up the update once it’s complete.

Thanks to @ddollar for the help offline. He said this is a known AWS issue but they don’t currently have a timeline for a fix.

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