BUG: Cannot enable private networking on a brand new rack

Created a brand new rack with convox rack install aws --name convox-rack-testing, and right after the rack was created, tried to enable private networking with convox rack params set Private=Yes --wait.

However this won’t work, and CloudFormation will fail with the following log:

system/aws/cfm convox-rack-testing UPDATE_FAILED VolumeTarget1 Mount target is not stabilized, the current lifeCycleState is available.
system/aws/cfm convox-rack-testing UPDATE_FAILED VolumeTarget0 Resource update cancelled
system/aws/cfm convox-rack-testing UPDATE_FAILED VolumeTarget2 Resource update cancelled

Rollback operation will also fail:

system/aws/cfm convox-rack-testing UPDATE_ROLLBACK_FAILED convox-rack-testing The following resource(s) failed to update: [VolumeTarget1, VolumeTarget0, VolumeTarget2].

/cc: @ddollar

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It also happened on a working rack. After this failure, the deploy/promote of apps was broken.
To solve that we had to rollback manually from aws console, then terminate 1 by 1 all instances.
Then, after new instances have been launched, the rack functionality was recovered (deploy promote has been working again)

I had the same thing happen last week, including the broken promote of apps. Fortunately it was our development rack, so we ended up creating a whole new rack and migrating all the apps.

@ddollar does https://github.com/convox/rack/releases/tag/20190730145854 addresses this issue?

Nope. The problem is still there. :slightly_frowning_face: