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Problems upgrading rack from 20190111211123


I have a rack currently on 20190111211123. After upgrading the rack to 20190126182547 (which is the version offered by convox rack update without any other params) I am no longer able to deploy an app. The error I see in CF is this:

19-03-25T05:28:33Z system/aws/cfm integration-digivizer-app-ResourceDatabase-KP903E37IO6Z UPDATE_FAILED Instance CloudFormation cannot update a stack when a custom-named resource requires replacing. Rename integration-digivizer-app-resourcedatabase-kp903e37io6z and update the stack again.
2019-03-25T05:28:34Z system/aws/cfm integration-digivizer-app-ResourceDatabase-KP903E37IO6Z UPDATE_ROLLBACK_IN_PROGRESS integration-digivizer-app-ResourceDatabase-KP903E37IO6Z The following resource(s) failed to update: [Instance].

Does another step need to take place before deploying the app?

We’re seeing this too on a database of ours. Did you find a resolution to this?

EDIT: Turns out we had accidentally changed the encrypted option of the database, which Cloudfront interpreted as needing to replace the database.

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