AWS NLB Support

In order to support H2 all the way back to our running instances, it would be great if there was an option to support NLBs.

Is NLB support on the horizon?

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I agree that it would be nice to have this built-in, but it is already possible to run an NLB as a frontend to the Convox ALB:

Note that this requires your rack to have the option Internal=Yes because NLB can only forward traffic to internal ALBs (and thus your apps also need to have internal: true in their convox.yml).

Relying on a lambda function to properly update the NLB target whenever the ALB IPs change seems a bit brittle, but we haven’t had any issues with this setup (~6 months).

Your comment doesn’t address my reasons for requesting NLBs at all.

I am looking for NLB support so that we don’t require the use of an ALB. I want to be able to terminate HTTP/2 and TLS at my application instead of on an ALB for performance and security reasons. (ALBs are HTTP/2 on the front but talk HTTP/1.1 to the backend).