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TCP/UDP services for gen2

Currently our non-http/https services must live on Convox gen1. I believe if gen2 supported Network Load Balancers, we could move those services over to gen2 and drop gen1 altogether.


I second this request. I’m trying to run a rabbitmq service and need to to expose both 5672 (TCP) and 15672 (HTTPS).

I believe that in order to make this possible Convox will need to be able to create Network Load Balancers and not just Application Load Balancers.

Unrelated, but another option may be the addition of a rabbitmq resource?

We’re facing the same situation. So I agree with OP.

+1 for either TCP connections on Gen2 or a RabbitMQ resource type

What’s the status on this. Is there a workaround? This is a serious limitation that requires an official response.

TCP/UDP load balancing will not be coming to existing Gen 2 applications.

The new Kubernetes-based Racks have the ability to create custom load balancers which do support arbitrary TCP.

Custom Load Balancers

Kubernetes Installation