[20171107141806] Generation 2

WARNING: This release is a substantial update that removes the global IAM user and reconfigures the Rack security groups and the ECS service for the Rack API among many other substantial changes. Updating to this release will cause approximately 5 minutes of downtime on the Rack API during which you will not be able to make changes to existing applications. Please update and test your staging Racks before updating production.

This release adds support for Generation 2 applications. Some new features:

  • One ALB per Rack, serving all Generation 2 applications on that Rack
  • Role-based IAM permissions replace the global Rack IAM user
  • Simplified configuration with convox.yml
  • Rack autoscaler that supports multiple containers from the same service on each instance
  • Environment variables now remain in S3/KMS and are loaded by the container at runtime
  • Removal of the Convox agent on each instance with logs now delegated entirely to Cloudwatch

The goal is to make your Rack faster, simpler, cheaper, and more secure.

You can try it out by upgrading your Rack to this release creating a new app with --generation 2