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Things that don't seem to work (yet) on DigitalOcean racks

Rack install on DigitalOcean went fine, but:

  • convox rack params doesn’t return anything.

  • convox build fails intermittently with error creating overlay mount to /var/lib/docker/overlay2/20599d175f2edc99dd26da76b3a6f0fef92ad9214a8402b6fde02463d4ba876d/merged: device or resource busy

  • volumes don’t seem to work. On the first deploy the Persistent Volume Claims are created, but DO doesn’t dynamically provision the corresponding Persistent Volume.

  • running a one-off process doesn’t seem to work (possibly due to the volume issue).

  • it’s hard to know which resource types are available for which provider, and how they map to managed services (or not).