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DigitalOcean Rack creation fails

Trying to create a DO rack from the web console gets me this

Error: "version": required field is not set

  on .terraform/modules/system/terraform/cluster/do/ line 32, in resource "digitalocean_kubernetes_cluster" "rack":
  32: resource "digitalocean_kubernetes_cluster" "rack" {

ERROR: exit status 1

Trying via the CLI gets me

Warning: Version constraints inside provider configuration blocks are deprecated

  on .terraform/modules/system/terraform/api/do/ line 13, in provider "kubernetes":
  13:   version = "~> 1.11"

Noticed in that there’s no install instructions for DO, I’m not sure it’s been made clear if they’re still a supported provider provider or not. I think there’s also a bit of confusion on Rack v2/v3 and if docsv2 covers v2 or v3