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Support Datadog with Fargate

As I mentioned here Datadog + Fargate its currently not possible to use ECS Fargate and DataDog via Convox due to how the tasks are built by Convox. It would be very useful to add support for an option that works automatically by adding the DataDog “sidecar” to the generated tasks, as described in the DataDog documentation

I’m roughly imagining that convox.yaml would have a new optional item on a service called “datadog”, with child keys for the datadog API keys and other configuration, that is then transformed automatically into the configuration of the sidecar container as part of a single task definition

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So its been a while since i submitted this and I figure I should get off my butt and fix my own problems… So if I was to implement this feature myself so I can offer it as a PR on the rack repo, is there any particular objection to a fargate specific configuration option?

My current thought is adding an array to convox.yml under/in the services: yaml dict, called something like fargate-sidecars that would be ignored if the Fargate template parameter is false and would connect some config options, to a section of the cloudformation template service.json.tmpl that contains the necessary for correctly configuring it the way DataDog recommend.

Any advice/input from @ddollar / @ed_convox / other Convox people, would be most appreciated.