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Security Token CLI

I have a Yubikey 5 associated with my account and authenticating with it fails ~50% from the CLI. Touching the key results in garbled text streaming across the screen.

[I] matt@matt ~> convox instances ssh <id> --rack <rack>
Waiting for security token... <text>
ERROR: u2fhid: error reading response, read timed out
[I] matt@matt ~> <text>
fish: Unknown command <text>

Please advise.

Not sure why that’s happening instead of the FIDO authentication.

If you don’t use the “one time password” functionality (the random characters) of your YubiKey you can download the Manager software from their site and disable it on your key. I have personally done this on my key to avoid randomly typing those passwords if I brush the key with my leg on an airplane :slight_smile: