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[RESOLVED] ERROR: Get dial tcp: i/o timeout

I’ve just set up a new rack for Convox 3, and I’m getting this error when I run convox apps, convox rack, convox version etc.:

ERROR: Get dial tcp: i/o timeout

Are the Convox servers having some downtime? Or is there maybe something wrong with my ~/.convox/* files? (I still have some old auth, host, rack files in there from a gen 2 rack.)

This was my fault, I was sending commands to the wrong rack. It looks like it uses the dev rack by default, which is the output of convox switch:

$ convox switch

You can run convox racks to see all the available racks:

$ convox racks
NAME                    PROVIDER  STATUS
dev                     local     running
personal-test/ds-test3  aws       running

And then switch to your Cloud rack:

convox switch personal-test/ds-test3

Now all the convox commands are working:

$ convox apps
myapp  running

$ convox rack
Name      ds-test3
Provider  aws
Router    router.******
Status    running
Version   3.0.52