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Pros/Cons over Version 2 racks?

Congrats on the launch! I noticed the post highlighted some advantages over version 2 racks:

  • Faster deploy time
  • Nearly instant rollbacks

I was wondering if there were any downsides or other things to consider. For instances, does the base cost of a rack change?

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Hi @scott1,
Things to consider for the new k8s/Terraform racks is that they will not support the older ‘Gen1’/docker-compose.yml apps, only those with a convox.yml configuration.
Whilst we consider the Racks production ready now, we’d still urge you to test them out yourselves to make sure they’re suitable. Over the next few weeks we will roll out tighter integration with the Console for them and more management options to allow easier working for teams.

It’s harder to say on base cost as you are now able to spin up your Rack on any of AWS/Azure/GCP/Digital Ocean and prices can vary a fair bit!

Hope that helps!