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Need help with CloudFormation error while trying to upgrade Redis version


I’m running into an error in CloudFormation when I try to upgrade my Redis resource. I’m trying to run this command:

convox rack resources update redis-**** EngineVersion=5.0.6 AutomaticFailoverEnabled=true NumCacheClusters=2 --wait

This worked fine on my staging rack, but I’m getting UPDATE_FAILED for my production rack:

The subnet IDs subnet-********,subnet-******** are in use. (Service: AmazonElastiCache; Status Code: 400; Error Code: SubnetInUse; Request ID: ********; Proxy: null)

I’m still running an older version of the convox rack (gen 2): 20191120232059

$ convox rack resources info redis-****
Name     redis-****
Type     redis
Status   running
Options  AutomaticFailoverEnabled=false

Does anyone have any idea how I might be able to fix this?

I’ve considered creating a new app-level Redis resource and swapping the REDIS_URL during a deploy, but that will cause some downtime, since my worker processes always update much faster than the web processes.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!