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Local rack performance and Docker for Mac 2.4.0

Just upgraded to Docker for Mac 2.4.0. Among the release notes is an item “Docker Desktop now uses much less CPU when there are lots of file events on the host and when running Kubernetes”.

Typically I have seen Docker anywhere from 60-100% CPU. I installed the update and reset the disk image to start fresh. With nothing running, but K8s installed, I am indeed seeing what looks like a better idle CPU usage for Docker for mac – round about ~40%.

However, once I install my convox local rack (with no apps) 3.0.42, it pretty quickly jumps to more like ~60-80% idle.

Are there any tunables here? Any things that can keep local convox from chewing up CPU all the time?

I had the same experience–the local kubernetes cluster idea is fantastic but oh boy does it use a lot of your resources. I can do it on my desktop machine with 32gb RAM but on my dev laptop its too clunky