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Local rack certificate problem

I got this error
paolo ⎇ master ?:1 ❲n❳ v12.18.3 ~/Progetti/monrifnet/geoedition 130 convox rack
Name dev
Provider local
Status running
Version master
paolo ⎇ master ?:1 ❲n❳ v12.18.3 ~/Progetti/monrifnet/geoedition convox start
build | uploading source
build | starting build
ERROR: build failed
paolo ⎇ master ?:1 ❲n❳ v12.18.3 ~/Progetti/monrifnet/geoedition 1 convox logs
2020-07-25T11:18:02Z system/k8s/build-cfp7p Successfully assigned dev-geoedition/build-cfp7p to paolo-latitude-5511
2020-07-25T11:18:03Z system/k8s/build-cfp7p Container image “convox/convox:master” already present on machine
2020-07-25T11:18:03Z system/k8s/build-cfp7p Created container
2020-07-25T11:18:03Z system/k8s/build-cfp7p Started container
2020-07-25T11:18:03Z service/build/build-cfp7p Authenticating Error response from daemon: Get x509: certificate is valid for ingress.local, not
2020-07-25T11:18:03Z service/build/build-cfp7p ERROR: exit status 1
2020-07-25T11:18:03Z service/build/build-cfp7p ERROR: exit status 1

looking in the logs I can see that the certificate is for ingress.local instead .
I created the local rack like explained in

any suggestion ?
thanks, Paolo.