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Latest version of Sidekiq (a Ruby background job library) requires a Redis version that seems incompatible with Convox

In the process of upgrading to Rails 6, we’ve had to update the Sidekiq gem, which we’re using with Redis. But when our app launches a background job, it fails with the following messages:

Booting Sidekiq 6.0.3 with redis options {:id=>"Sidekiq-server-PID-1", :url=>"redis://"}

You are connecting to Redis v2.8.24, Sidekiq requires Redis v4.0.0 or greater

As far as we can tell, the Redis version isn’t configurable - the resource doc seems to specify a single version that Convox runs off, and we haven’t found a command or setting that would change that. Can you advise?

Hi @sasha, the version is configurable via the version parameter, it just has a default of 2.8.24.
All the options are shown here:

Hope that helps!

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