File sync does not work in gen2

When running convox locally we experience sync issues - these same issues have been verified as being present on multiple computers, running multiple operating systems. The sync issue is the same, it simply returns:

sync add error: container inspect

Error: No such object: *pod_id*

exit status 1

In an attempt to verify that nothing was misconfigured we created this stripped down project, but the issue is still present here.

Possible Causes Verified

  • Ensured that pods are running and match up with given id in sync error.

  • Verified that it was not an OS specific issue

  • Scaled up resources to avoid timeout issues

  • Ensured that containerized file paths are valid

Sync issue observed on:

  • [x] Macbook Pro 13" '15 Mac OS High Sierra

  • [x] Surface Book 2 Windows 10

  • [x] Surface Book 2 Ubuntu 18.04

  • [x] MacBook Pro 13" '14

Created a test repo to demonstrate the issue:

This has since been resolved in later updates.