[20160528002649] Local Development and Networking improvements

Bidirectional sync

Convox is thrilled to announce 2-way sync support in convox start. One-way, host-to-container sync has been present for quite a while, but with this release, file changes on the container will also be synced back to the host. This is extremely powerful for development workflows in frameworks like Rails that generate lots of code.

By default, any file or directory that appears in an ADD or COPY directive in your Dockerfile will be synced.

Run convox update to get the newest CLI including this feature.

Thanks to @mwarkentin for design input.

Race condition fix

This release includes a fix for https://github.com/convox/rack/issues/679 where convox start could fail on containers with links if the container IP was attempted to be fetched before hostnames propagated.

Thanks to @sotte for the bug report.

VPC CIDR improvements

Convox created services (such as PostgreSQL and Redis) now automatically respect the VPC CIDR settings on the Rack in which they’re created.