Expiring certificate not rolled out when new one is available

Hello, how rack version 2 manages acm certificates ?

we have wildcard certificate which is on certificate lists however after promoting new release the old certificate is still pinned, so ACM and convox certs show both of them old and new

using old fashion command not working

convox ssl update -a app-name web:443 acm-xxxx

ERROR: command not valid for generation 2 applications

any ideas how to force new one ? I achieved it only by manually replacing parameter in cloudformation template and recreate stack but that way is not the one we like and also not persistent due a fact that convox releases promote will rewrite that

Hey @mvpl

You can run convox certs list to see your current certificates. Then convox certs delete <cert-id> to remove the old certificate.

Full documentation on certs for v2 racks can be found here

I hope this helps