Convox deployment failing with "CertificateNotFound" message

Suddenly an existing app I have fails deploying due to the above message. I have a certificate defined for the domain in the “HOST” env var for that app.

Here is the full message from the deployment in CloudFormation:
2019-05-16T10:45:10Z system/aws/cfm -ServiceWeb-1W2IBNLP70NY5 UPDATE_FAILED BalancerListenerCertificate Certificate 'arn:aws:acm:us-west-2::certificate/***’ not found (Service: AmazonElasticLoadBalancingV2; Status Code: 400; Error Code: CertificateNotFound; Request ID: ***)

Any idea what might cause this or how to make it use the correct identifier for the certificate?

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We had a similar issue this morning, which we fixed by deleting the offending expired certificate from our Certificate manager. We had made the mistake of loading a renewal certificate as a duplicate entry instead of “reimporting” over the old certificate.

Thanks a lot for the reply @john1.

It seems to be the case in my issue as well, didn’t notice that the certificate actually exists but in an expired state.