Debugging Local Rack (installation)

I’m trying to install the local rack but it’s timing out. I can’t find where the logs to debug this are though.

Using homebrew installed minikube or docker desktop (edge), the result is the same:

% sudo convox rack install local
Installing... OK
Starting... ERROR: timeout

Where do I look? Can I make the command more verbose?

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To partially answer my own question, I used stern to monitor all of the kubernetes logs:

stern --all-namespaces .

I’ve found a bunch of timeout errors for coredns in the minikube logs too:

2019-08-29T18:00:39.236Z [ERROR] plugin/errors: 2 minikube. A: read udp> i/o timeout

Figured it out!

So, the local rack installation listens on port 80. I already had puma-dev running on port 80 so it never started the rack and was checking against puma (maybe?). Either way, free up port 80.

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