Cannot update rack - missing attribute required by task (convox:web)

Attempting to update a rack to the latest version and it is getting stuck. When I go into ECS, I see a task (web) that cannot update due to no containers meeting all the requirements. The closest match is missing a required attribute.

I cannot determine what the attribute is.

I have rolled back and attempted a “new” update - without any luck.

I think it has something to do with the “com.amazonaws.ecs.capability.docker-remote-api” attribute. Which I think suggests that the AMI I’m running is too out of date.

I have down graded the rack to 20181211140404 in an attempt to get the new AL2, but no new instances were created. :frowning:

To resolve I have manually updated the launch configuration (to use the latest ami as suggested by the 20190130162938 release) - seems wrong to me.