AWS notice: Recommendation to not use launch configurations


We recently received this notification email from AWS:
“We have identified that one or more of your accounts uses Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling launch configurations. After December 31, 2022 no new Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instance types will be added to launch configurations. After this date, existing launch configurations will continue to work, but new EC2 instances will only be supported through launch templates.”

My question is: how to deal with this for Convox V2 racks?
Is there a Convox V2 release that makes the switch from launch configurations to launch templates? Or am I missing something?

All our racks are currently running version 20211109164223.


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Good morning,

We are currently in the process of migrate from launch configurations to launch templates. Please keep an eye on the newsletter for any updates. I will also update this thread with additional information as it comes from the dev team.

Convox Support Engineer

Hi Nick,

I appreciate the answer, thank you.
We will keep an eye on the updates.

Have a good day!