[20170501192321] Support to disable Convox Agent

Disable Convox Agent

This release allows users to disable the convox agent if needed. A rack parameter update will replace all of the instances and disable the agent.

convox rack params set Agent=No

Keep in mind that by disabling the agent, a rack loses the ability to:

  • Watch Docker events via the host Docker socket
  • Put metric data to CloudWatch via the InstanceProfile

Application logs would also be affected but with NativeLogging app parameter enabled, they will still be collected:

convox apps params set NativeLogging=Yes

Enable Privileged Mode in Local Development

Setting privileged: true in docker-compose.yml previously only worked for deployed containers. https://convox.com/docs/docker-compose-file/#privileged With this release it now also works with convox start by adding the --privileged flag to the relevant docker runcommands.

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