[20160803155842] Autoscale Improvements and General Enhancement

Autoscale Improvements

When calculating the number of instances needed to run your containers we now add one to the total to avoid cases where the instances get packed too close to capacity. (#964) [@ddollar]

The default values for minimum and maximum are 100 and 200 respectively.

General Enhancements

  • Add ApiCpu and ApiMemory parameters to the rack to control Rack API resources (@926) [@beedub]
  • Use Go 1.6.3 everywhere (#948) [@nathany]
  • Remove health params from app stacks (#956) [@beedub]
  • Add NAT gateway friendly name during install (#958) [@beedub]
  • Add node-workers example to CI (#963) [@MiguelMoll]
  • Fix for setting env on an app that has never been deployed (#972) [@ddollar]