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Latest Rack Autoscaled from 10 -> 700 instances


I’m running Convox Gen 2 and have been for several years.

On Jan 7th 2021, rack auto-installed 20210106115601 on my integration rack.

From that point until a couple of hours ago, I noted that I’ve gone from 10-or-so to 700-or-so instances. These instances were not running any services.

~I will attempt to resolve manually, but can you provide some advise on how this can happen?~

I have since applied convox scale to a particular service which appeared to “kick” the convox autoscaler as that closed 199 instances. We’re now down to running 11 instances, which is ballpark for this rack.

I’m using t3.small instances which, as far as I can tell, offer 2048 CPU and 1955 RAM. I can confirm no services require greater than these values. I am configured for 3 on demand, and variable spot instances as required.

I will continue to update and work through this as I understand more, but this seems to be quite an issue.

Any and all help appreciated.