[20160706200033] General Enhancements

General Enhancements

  • Use same hostname for linked containers (PR #836)

    • This enhancement allows for better consistency between convox start and docker-compose up by using the same hostname entry for the linked contaiers.
  • Tag Subnets with a “Name” (PR #828)

    • Allows for better organization and identification of subnets used throughout a rack.
  • Get a service’s URL (PR #825)

    • With the various convox services supported, sometimes you need easy access to that service’s endpoint.
    • convox services url <service> makes that happen:
    $ convox services
    NAME             TYPE    STATUS
    s3-111          s3      running
    $ convox services url s3-1111

    Very script friendly!

  • BIG thanks to @adamenger for these improvements!

Fix and Improvements

  • Fix cron jobs getting associated with the wrong process type (PR #835)
  • Fix to better handle public repository during a build with logs (PR #839)

For more information on this release, please see PR #844.