[20160521030812] CLI Improvements; Deployment Parameters

CLI Improvements

convox init

Work continues on convox init improvements with .dockerignore generation. (#657)

convox start

You’ll now receive a friendlier error from convox start if you don’t have Docker running. (#660)

You can now pass a --shift argument to convox start to shift all of its port allocations by a certain amount. This can help with running more than one application at the same time. (#662)

$ convox start
$ curl https://localhost:443/

$ convox start --shift 10000
$ curl https://localhost:10443/

Thanks to @mwarkentin for help talking through the design in #484.

Thanks to @dbeard for fixing the COPY/ADD parsing during code synchronization. (#629)

The proxy in convox start has been updated to work with Docker for Mac. The .protocol, .proxy, and .secure labels for ports are now handled correctly. (#648, convox/proxy#3)

Deployment Parameters

You can now configure the ECS deploymentConfiguration using two new app parameters, DeploymentMinimum and DeploymentMaximum to tweak the behavior of rolling deployments. (#641)

$ convox apps params set DeploymentMinimum=50 DeploymentMaximum=150

Other Bugfixes

  • Credentials in Convox services are now URL encoded rather than Base 64 encoded. (#651)