[20160514051157] Improved init system and Rails defaults, better CLI messages

convox init improvements

This release includes internal improvements for convox init, the command that inspects your application and generates Docker assets.

Also included are improved default Dockerfile and docker-compose.yml files for Rails apps that use updated Ruby and Rails Docker images provided by Convox.

Better CLI messages

You will now see a more descriptive “app is still being created” message from the CLI if you try to run convox env on an app that’s still being created.

This Rack release is associated with CLI release 20160514180126. To update your CLI, run convox update.

A more helpful error message is now displayed if you try to run a convox run command against a nonexistent process.

$ convox ps
1bce410b52b6  web   RNRSDLEBTIP  256   6 days ago  /bin/web

$ convox run foo ls
ERROR: Unknown process name: foo

Thanks to Miguel Moll for his open-source contributions to this release. If you’re interested in getting involved, check out our open issues and join #dev on the Convox Public Slack.


To get these updates run convox update && convox rack update. If you’re not already using Convox, get started at console.convox.com.