[20160420221228] Syslog, SSL, Cron

Run convox rack update to install.

Syslog service

You can now forward your logs to a generic syslog drain.

$ convox services create syslog --url tcp+tls://logs1.papertrailapp.com:12345
Creating syslog-3785 (syslog)... CREATING

Link the app with

$ convox services link syslog-3785 --app example-app
Linked syslog-3786 to example-app

Syslog Docs


SSL and load balancer protocols are now configured using labels in docker-compose.yml.

    - convox.port.443.protocol=https
    - convox.port.443.secure=true
    - 443:5001

convox ssl create and convox ssl delete and associated API endpoints have been removed. The API endpoint for convox ssl update has been updated and is the sole command to manage SSL certs going forward.

convox start has also been updated to simulate the behavior of a production load balancer locally for better dev/prod parity.

See the SSL and Load Balancer docs


Convox now supports scheduled jobs that are configured via labels in docker-compose.yml.

For example,to run the command rake myjob every hour on the web process, you would configure the label like this:

    - convox.cron.myjob=0 * * * ? rake myjob

Scheduled Tasks Docs