V3 - Enable docker layer caching using --cache-from

Please could you make it so that we get better docker layer caching when building services by enabling external caching from existing images in ECR?

Hello @rhys, I’m scoping the work to add this request to our backlog and I was just wondering if there are any additional BuildKit commands other than --build-arg BUILDKIT_INLINE_CACHE=1 and cache-from that you think would be useful.

Is enabling BuildKit commands at the front-end(Dockerfile) something you think could be useful too?

Hi @heron I am only really looking for caching features TBH. I just need my builds to be faster. :slight_smile:

Hi @rhys , thanks for the feedback, I see your point. We are aware that the build time for v3 racks is not great atm and we have some ideas on how to improve that. Stay tuned! :smile: