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More Resource Parameters

It would be very useful to have greater control over the configuration of various resource options.

For instance postgres resources correspond to AWS RDS PostgreSQL instances, but we have no control over the use of the Multi-AZ feature, the storage type, or performance insights, or enhanced monitoring. All useful features that we might want to control.

Can we get these extra options passed through for the various resources postgres|redis| … etc?

Hey @sam,
The durable option on the resources maps to Multi-AZ as that is required for failover. If you set the iops option, then that will choose the Provisioned IOPS stoage type as opposed to General Purpose. Insights and Enhanced monitoring are interesting catches though, thanks!
In the meantime, if those features are important to you, it’s still very easy to configure your own RDS etc resources outside of Convox and pass the connection string into your app via an env var.

Hope that helps,