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Massive AWS costs after using convox

I signed up with Convox to experiment last month. I created an integration with my AWS account (which I don’t use for anything else), and tried to create a rack. It didn’t work initially, so I took down the rack and created it again about 3 times. It still didn’t work, so I gave up, did nothing more and looked at other options.

One month later, AWS have sent me a bill for multiple hundreds of dollars last month and say that I’ve got a continuing high spend.

I’m now panicing - I was trying this out and had assumed it would fit into free tier usage, especially since I haven’t actually used it for anything, and I can’t afford to drop hundreds of dollars a month on nothing.

I’ve now deleted my integration to AWS, and I’ve been trying to track down where the charges are coming from on AWS, but I’m struggling.

Hey there, apparently you have installed one or more racks, even if partially.

I suggest you go into AWS’s billing console and see which services are costing you money therefore go into each service and delete/disable created resources manually to make sure AWS won’t charge you from that point forward.