How to implement canary releases

What’s the best way to implement canary releases?

In other words, I would like to have 2 convox releases active at the same time, with only traffic from a selected subset of users directed to the newer release, for an arbitrarily long time, and a way to rollback early if I see something bad happening with the new one.

We use feature flags already, but they address a different need (features, as the name says). Canary releases address more low-level issues, like broad refactorings and system-level work.

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Are there any plans for that feature, or we will have to wait for EKS support?

We don’t do this often, but have done it manually in the past with two app instances and Route53 weighted routing to send sample traffic to the new code. I’m sure if this works you can set up some scripts to automate it

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